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Changing Screen Resolution

  1. Close all programs.

  2. From the Windows Taskbar, click on the Start button.

  3. Choose Settings.

  4. Choose Control Panel.

  5. Double click Display.

  6. Click on the Settings tab.

    The dialog box will look similar to:


  7. Under Screen Resolution (or Desktop Area), drag the slider to the required size.

    Note that Cadzow 2000 requires a minimum of 800 by 600 pixels, but it will resize at higher resolutions.

    Some computers/monitors cannot display all resolutions, even if they are offered as an option. If you wish to make the resolution higher, try making it higher by one step at a time.

    If, after changing the resolution, the screen is unreadable, wait 20 seconds. Windows will revert the display back to the original settings if it does not receive a confirmation from you that the display is correct.

  8. Choose OK.

    (You may be prompted to Test the settings first.)

See also Fuzzy Display on TFT Monitors.

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