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How to Backup Cadzow 2000


Cadzow 2000 supports two types of databases, Jet (Access .MDB) and SQL Server.

The method to back up these systems differs.

To determine which you are using:

  1. From the main screen, click the Help menu and choose About this Cadzow program…

  2. Press F5 (Print).

  3. Choose Preview and click OK.

    Next to Data File, if the database is a Jet database, it will show the filename and say “Jet data file”.

    If the database is a SQL Server database, it will show the database and server name, and show the version of SQL Server in use.

  4. Press Escape to close the report.

  5. Click Close to return to the main menu.

Backing Up Cadzow 2000 Jet (.MDB) Databases

Cadzow 2000 includes a simple backup script (“BACKCAD”) which is designed to back up all the important components of your Cadzow 2000 installation. It creates a ZIP file on a logical drive of your choosing (A: C:, D:, E: etc) with the name For example, if the date is 1st February 2005 the backup would be called 20050201A.ZIP. If another backup is done to the same drive it will be called 20050201B.ZIP and so on.

BACKCAD creates a sequence of backups which makes auditing, troubleshooting and disaster recovery easier, since each backup is not overwritten by the next. However, each individual backup file contains everything, so restoring is a matter of restoring the most recent backup file. It is not necessary to keep and restore all the previous backup files. The backups are not incremental.

Since BACKCAD writes to a logical drive letter, this can include floppy disks, hard disks, network drives, USB keys, ZIP drives, or indeed any logical volume accessible via a drive letter. However, this precludes tape drives and CD/DVD burners which are usually not writable via a drive letter and require special software.

A good backup strategy is to use multiple removable storage types. For example, you might do a daily backup to a ZIP drive, which allows the quick and easy use of the Cadzow 2000 backup utility, but store copies on a CD/DVD every month. This provides for a short-term backup media which can be recycled (expensive ZIP disks) and a long-term media which will be kept forever (cheap CDs). This helps protect your backup from drive and media failures which may not be detected until the media is tested.

Using BACKCAD — Cadzow 2000's Backup Routine

  1. All users must exit Cadzow 2000.

  2. Find and double click on the BACKUP CADZOW icon:

  3. Follow the instructions on the screen. For example, to backup up to a ZIP drive, enter the letter of the drive (eg E).

When finished, BACKCAD will tell you the filename the backup was saved to.

Additional Options

BACKCAD supports a number of options which can be invoked from the command line or from a shortcut.

Usage examples:

  • BACKCAD (no parameters) — prompts for a drive letter to back up to and saves the file in <drive>:\CADZOW\BACKUPS.

  • BACKCAD . — same as BACKCAD.

  • BACKCAD X:\BACKUPS — backs up into X:\BACKUPS.

  • BACKCAD . X:\BACKUPS — prompts for a drive letter to back up to, saves the file in <drive>:\CADZOW\BACKUPS and copies the file to X:\BACKUPS.

  • BACKCAD Y:\BACKUPS X:\BACKUPS — backs up to Y:\BACKUPS, and copies the file to X:\BACKUPS.

  • BACKCAD . ftp <Server> <Username> <Password> — prompts for a local drive to save to, then uploads the resulting file to an FTP server with the provided details.

    BACKCAD "%LOCALAPPDATA%\Cadzow\Backups"
    — backs up into the non-roaming Application Data section of the user's profile.


If you launch Cadzow 2000 and receive the following message:

  • Cadzow 2000 is currently offline for maintenance. Extra Information: System is being backed up

or if you attempt to run a backup and receive the following message:

  • Backing up is not possible at the moment. Please try again in a few moments. Further information: System is being backed up

… this usually means that another user is currently running a backup and you should wait for it to finish. However, if a previous backup was not completed properly, either because it was cancelled by the user, or there was a power failure, the “flag” set by the backup routine remains in place. In this case, run a backup, let it finish properly and the error will reset itself.

If that does not work, this may be cleared manually as follows:

  1. Ensure no other users are using Cadzow 2000 or operating a backup.

  2. Double-click My Computer from the Desktop.

  3. Click on the drive used to store Cadzow 2000.

  4. Double click CADZOW, then SUCCESS7, then MARKERS.

  5. Delete the file !BACKUP!.TXT, or if that file does not exist, !DOWN!.TXT.

Using a CD-Burner or Tape Drive

  1. All users must exit Cadzow 2000.

  2. Use your backup/CD burning software to back up the following directories:


    \GL, \GL1, \GL2 and \GLPROG (if they exist)

  3. Label the CD or tape and store it away from the premises.

    Use a different CD or tape for each backup.

See also Writing Files to CD using Windows XP.

Backing Up Cadzow 2000 SQL Server Databases

Backing up a SQL Server database is typically performed by your network or database administrator.


  • It is recommended that you cycle your backup disks/tapes etc and store them away from your premises.

  • Every now and again, test your backup disks (or tapes etc).

  • Also speak to your IT Manager so that the data can be included in your organisation's backup procedures.

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