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General Ledger Export Troubleshooting

“Oldest” Entry Dated After Export Date

When you export, Cadzow 2000 first shows how many entries are to be exported and when the oldest entry was. If you receive a message that says the oldest entry was dated after the export date, this occurs because a receipt was marked as deposited before its transaction date, and the export date falls between those dates.

Receipts are only included in the General Ledger export when they are marked as deposited, and the deposit date is used for the export rather than the transaction date. For example, a receipt dated 12/06/2006 and banked on 02/07/2006 will not be included in the General Ledger batch for 30/06/2006; it will be included in the batch for 31/07/2006.

However, a receipt dated 02/07/2006 and marked as deposited on 12/06/2006, will be included in the General Ledger batch for 30/06/2006 despite the fact that it is dated later.

If the deposit date is the oldest in the set of transactions to be exported, the system will report the associated receipt date as the oldest date, not the deposit date, and this is how a date after the export date is shown as the “oldest” entry.

To resolve this, reset the deposit in question and recreate the deposit so the dates make more sense. Generally speaking, a receipt that is marked as deposited before its transaction date is an error.

To determine which entries are involved, make note of the oldest transaction date, search for receipts on that date and examine each receipt to determine which ones were deposited incorrectly.

However, this issue will only appear if the export date falls between the receipt's transaction date and deposit date. If the export date is later than both, the issue doesn't arise because, either way, the entry belongs in that export batch.

Exported Entries Are Not Available To Be Imported

After exporting a batch of General Ledger entries, the .EXP file is nowhere to be found and the entries do not appear as available to be imported into the General Ledger.

This occurs because the the General Ledger path (as defined under Accounts Receivable, Departments) either does not exist or was not available at the time the export was performed. In this case the entries are not exported, although the batch number is assigned to those entries and they cannot be exported again.

The solution is to reset the batch and export again. Please consult Cadzow Support for advice.

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