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Cadzow Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable

Cadzow 2000 Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable is a full-featured debtors/creditors system. It is fully integrated with and includes Cadzow Contact Manager and Cadzow Stock Control.

Data Entry

  • Supports Invoices, Credit Notes, Quotations, Receipts, Receipt reversals and Refunds.

  • Supports Purchases, Purchase Credit Notes, Purchase Orders, Payments and Payment reversals.

  • All transactions (except receipts and payments) can be copied to make new transactions.

  • All transactions (except receipts and payments) can be saved as “Drafts” and edited indefinitely before committing. (Drafts are not included in reports, balances, BAS reports etc.).

  • All transactions (except receipts and payments) may be fully annotated with text above and below the main body, and the entire body of the invoice can be hidden with override text — which is perfect if you have highly complex line item requirements but need to present a very simple invoice to a customer.


  • Supports multiple bank accounts.

  • Receipts etc can be marked for deposit which allows unbanked items to remain on the system.

  • Cash to be banked can be chosen arbitrarily rather than consisting of sum of cash receipts.

  • Automatically marks EFT receipts as deposited.

Queries & Reporting

  • Powerful Enquiries engine.

  • Extensive predesigned reports.

  • Extensive export functions for third-party reporting.

  • Reports and queries are date-critical so any historical period can be chosen.

  • Flexible and powerful trial balances: multiple versions of traditional trial balance including by debtor, by stock code, by department and others.

  • Statements can be produced by department or consolidated.

Debt Collection

  • Different terms can be assigned to different invoices for the same customer.

  • Overdue amounts are based on age of individual unpaid invoices rather than simply those that are in 30 days, 60 days etc.

  • Unpaid Invoices function automatically reprints unpaid/overdue invoices according to criteria chosen, puts an overdue notice on the page and optionally adds a comment to the customer's history.


  • Old data is not archived or taken offline.

  • Reports may be produced for any date range.

Dates and Auditing

  • Users may be restricted to using “today's” date.

  • Inbuilt date checking to prevent back-dating where permission has not been granted.

  • Date policies define tolerance for back-dating and forward-dating for users with permission to change dates.

  • Transactions and other database updates are time-stamped for auditing purposes.

  • Transactions, once committed, cannot be edited. Users must cancel the transaction and re-issue to make changes.

  • Draft transactions, when deleted, are not physical removed from the database.

  • Numerous reports which expose the creation date rather than the transaction date.

  • Important accounting functions such as BAS generation and General Ledger exports are assigned batch numbers instead of simply relying on the dates.

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