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Cadzow 2000: Printing To A3 & Other Sizes

Some Cadzow reports are intended for output at A3 (such as some budget reports), although they are designed at A4. It is up to the printer driver to scale the original report to A3.

Typically, selecting A3 in the properties of the printer should instruct the driver to perform the necessary scaling:

  • Preview the report.

  • Choose Print.

  • Select a printer capable of A3.

  • Choose Properties.

    The options available will vary by the model of printer. It may be enough to select the output as A3, or there may be other scaling options to choose from.

  • Choose OK.

  • Choose OK (and the report will be printed).

For some drivers, this may not work as expected. For example, a report designed at landscape may be flipped in a counter-intuitive way. The logical orientation of the report may not match the physical orientation (ie the direction text is actually printed on the paper). Consequently the scaling may not work as expected, and parts of the page may be cut off or there may be large white spaces.

Using Preview does not accurately predict the output of the report because Cadzow 2000 renders the preview of the report using the printer settings of the default printer, which may be set to A4. If you preview, then alter the printer or the paper sizes, the preview display will not update to reflect the new choices. When printing, the entire report is rendered afresh using the new printer settings.

To resolve these types of issues, the most reliable way to get a predictable output is to save the Cadzow 2000 report to a Snapshot file, then use Snapshot Viewer to print to A3. In this situation, the printer driver will be able to scale the report without Cadzow 2000 attempting to re-render the report for a new paper size.

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