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Backing Up Cadzow 2000 to DropBox / OneDrive

DropBox is a free (up to 2Gb) or paid (up to 1Tb) cloud storage service. It can be used to synchronise files across multiple devices, such as PCs, iPhone/iPads etc, but it can also be used as a remote backup repository. To do this, Cadzow 2000 can be backed up into the special DropBox folder, and then the DropBox agent will upload it to the repository.

(NB this requires Cadzow 2000 2012.03.003 or later.)

  1. Create a DropBox account.

  2. Install the DropBox software.

    Accept the default location to store the files.

  3. Create a script as follows:

    @echo off
    CALL Backcad.bat "%UserProfile%\Dropbox"

    (where X: is the drive your Cadzow 2000 files are stored.)

  4. To backup to DropBox, run the script. DropBox will then sync the file into your account.

    The usual operation of BACKCAD.BAT is to create files named after the date, such as,, etc. The BACKCAD_SIMPLENAME=Y setting instructs the script to simply call the file An alternative option is BACKCAD_SIMPLENAME=M, which creates a file called, say, being the year and month. This is so the DropBox account is not filled; since storing a new file for each day would take up far more space than most people have.

Is This Safe?

See How Safe Is DropBox?.

In addition, the Cadzow 2000 backup is protected with a password, which reduces the possibility that the files can be opened and data viewed.

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