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Creating Departments

About Departments

Cadzow 2000 uses Departments in Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable to:

  1. Provide letterhead/invoice/order heading information for transactions;

  2. Provide the ability to perform transactions under different legal entities within the same database;

  3. Provide the ability to perform transactions under different trading names of the same legal entity within the same database;

  4. Optionally, to delineate stock so that it can only be used under a certain department; and

  5. Specify debtors/creditors/GST/suspense account codes used when exporting to the General Ledger.

There must be at least one department.

Setting Up Departments

  1. Go to Accounts ReceivableBankingSet Up Bank Accounts. Ensure there is a bank account set up which suits the new department.

  2. Go to Accounts ReceivableDepartments.

  3. Press F4 (Add New) to create a new department, or F3 (Search) to look for an open an existing department.

  4. Select 1. Main Details. Enter a department name, a code for faster entry, a cosmetic prefix for transactions and the bank account.

  5. Select 2. Letterhead. Enter the letterhead information. This will appear on invoices etc so must contain your trading name, legal name, ABN, addresses etc. Enter the return address which appears on invoices and statements for remittances.

  6. Select 3. Layout. Enter the parameters (font, size) of the letterhead and logo (if any). Press F5 (Print) to view a sample invoice to see how it will look.

  7. Select 4. Dynamic Comments. Enter any text to appear on the various transactions. The comment against Invoices is a good place to put banking details for payment, and any messages to customers.

  8. Select 5. Set Defaults. Enter the type of paper being used for transactions, the number of copies required and whether this department will allow the use of discounts.

  9. Select 6. Special. Enter the General Ledger account codes information (if required).

Set the Default Department

  1. Go to Accounts ReceivableMiscellaneous Settings.

  2. Under General Settings, select the Default Dept. This will be presented to users first when entered transactions, although each user will be able to choose from a list of the departments they have been given access to.

  3. If using Point of Sale functions, go to Point of Sale and enter the Default POS Dept.

  4. If your intention is to issue a single statement which groups together multiple departments, go to Statements and select the department whose details will be shown on the statements. (This could be a “working” department or a special department setup specifically for the purposes of the cosmetic appearance of the statement.)

Assign Permission to Users

  1. Go to Accounts ReceivableUsers.

  2. Use F3 (Search) to open each user in turn that requires access to the department (or to post entries under the department).

  3. Select 3. Departments. Add the new department to the list, or click Add permissions for all active departments.

  4. Select 1. Main Details. Assign a default department to the user, if required.

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