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iPhone/iPad Unsuccessfully Prompts for Office 365 Password

Microsoft Office 365 services originally used so-called “Basic” authentication but more latterly use “Modern” authentication, which is more secure. For a period of time, Office 365 would support both Basic and Modern authentication depending on the capability of the device. However, as of mid-2022, Basic authentication is being gradually turned off in Office 365 so iPhones and iPads which originally authenticated with Basic authentication will prompt for the password. However this will not work, because the device will not switch to Modern authentication automatically.

To resolve:

  1. Open Settings: .

  2. Tap MailAccounts.

  3. Tap into the affected account.

  4. Tap Delete Account. (This simply removes the account from the device, it doesn't delete any data.)

    This may take several minutes.

  5. Tap Add Account and enter the details. This will go through the Modern authentication process.

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