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Clearing Stored Passwords

Windows XP

Windows Messenger

  1. Click Start, choose Run, type nusrmgr.cpl and click OK.

  2. Choose the Advanced tab.

  3. Choose Manage Passwords.

  4. Select the usernames associated with Windows Messenger (eg. Passport accounts) and click Remove.

    Windows will prompt for confirmation.

  5. Click Close and then close the User Accounts dialog.

Internet Explorer

Microsoft Internet Explorer can store website usernames and passwords as they are entered. This can save remembering the passwords for each site you visit, which helps foster the concept of using different passwords for different sites. However, the stored passwords mean anyone who uses your system can access the web sites' content, so some or all of the passwords stored by the system may need to be removed.

To Clear All Passwords

  • In Internet Explorer, choose Internet Options from the Tools menu.

  • Click the Content tab.

  • Click Autocomplete.

  • Click Clear Passwords.

  • If you wish to prevent Internet Explorer storing passwords in future, uncheck User names and passwords on forms.

  • Click OK to close the Autocomplete Settings dialog.

  • Click OK to close the Internet Options dialog.

To Clear Individual Passwords

  • Open Internet Explorer and go to the page containing the password.

  • Position the cursor in the username field and press DOWN (↓).

    The list of stored passwords for this website will appear in a drop-down list.

  • Keep pressing DOWN until the password in question is highlighted.

  • Press Delete.

  • Answer Yes when prompted.

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