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You can use profiles to track many extra pieces of information, then use this information in Enquiries searching and reporting.

Profiles can be set against:

  • Organisations (in the Cadzow Contact Manager)

  • People (in the Cadzow People Manager)

  • People/Organisation (in the Cadzow People Manager)

  • Rooms (in the Cadzow Room Manager)

For example, a particular client may constantly be booking attendees into your Underwater Knitting Course, but you can see a need for Sky Diving Courses. Using Profiles you can mark down this interest, so that later when you do a direct mail marketing promotion you can print labels for all clients interested in Sky Diving.

Profile Statistics

  1. From the Cadzow 2000 Main Menu, choose Contact Manager.

  2. Choose Enquiries — Contacts.

  3. Choose Next Step.

  4. Choose Reports.

  5. Tick Profile Statistics.

  6. Choose Print/Preview.

Note: As you can assign multiple profiles to an organisation/person, there will be multiple occurences in the report.

Cadzow Content Manager / Weblink

When profiles are used for our online internet solutions, there are some additional settings:

  • Help Message: You can set one help message for each Profile Group. It will be used to display a help message in the web browser when the online user is setting profiles. If more than one help message is set for a Profile Group, then they will be ignored.

  • Web Limit Group: You can set a limit of the number of profiles that can be assigned to a particular Profile Group. You should only set one per Profile Group. For example, say you have a Profile Group called “Expertise Areas” with 20 profiles against it. You could then limit the user to choosing a maximum of 3.

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