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Dedicated Support Services for Small/Medium Businesses

Cadzow TECH Pty Ltd provides a dedicated “out-of-house” support service for small and medium businesses, generally in the 5-50 workstation range.


The service is based on a fixed annual fee (invoiced quarterly) which will be quoted for your environment. The purpose of the fixed fee is to smooth out IT costs over a period of time. Some months there may be very little work. Other months there will be a lot of work. It enables businesses to budget for their IT support and know that there won't be any unexpected, large charges in simply keeping the network operating.

Also, the fixed fee arrangement makes it much easier for staff to contact us when they require help without worrying about charges for ad-hoc support calls. After more than 20 years of providing support, we found that many users will spend hours fiddling with a problem rather than risk incurring a charge for a phone incident or onsite visit. This is a waste of their time and may make things worse.

We do not require a contract to be signed. The quotation you will be provided and this documentation (which may change over time) sets out the terms of the service. If you're unhappy, we'll renegotiate the fee or end the service (at the end of the most recently invoiced period) and hand over any materials we collected to manage your site (passwords etc). We won't refund any fees already paid, but we don't have any exit or cancellation fees either.

Services Included

Broadly, the service includes:

  • Routine installation of operating system and application patches/service packs (Windows, Office etc).

  • Reconfiguration of network to increase security as necessary.

  • Attendance on problems as they arise, eg. malware cleaning, application/printer problems.

  • Telephone/email support/assistance with miscellaneous issues.

  • Site visits when required.

  • Email support/assistance for employees' home systems (not all issues resolvable this way, may require site visit for a fee).

  • Advice and discussion on any IT issues, including regarding equipment or software not supplied by us.

  • Assistance with warranty claims for equipment supplied by us, including reconfiguration of machines where required.

  • Assistance with software not supplied by us (NB our ability to help in any given circumstance is limited, but we will help as far as possible).

  • Minor maintenance of website, maintenance of mailboxes, domain etc (technical details/passwords required).

  • Routine polling of various services/devices for availability;

  • Routine polling of domain settings for integrity;

  • Attempted recovery of file systems from hard drives which have developed errors (but not low-level recovery; see below).

Services Not Included

Although these services are available from us, the fixed-fee service does not include:

  • Provisioning or rebuilding servers.

  • Commercial software licences.

  • Third party tools that may be required from time to time, eg. for advanced system repairing.

  • Issues that require major research by us.

  • End of business archiving/shutdown.

  • Programming/development assistance for in-house databases.

  • Formal or lengthy training.

  • Hardware repairs or preventative hardware maintenance.

Services Not Provided

We do not provide the following services:

  • Low-level data recovery.

  • Forensic examination.

  • Advice on Privacy legislation etc.

  • Advice on Cyber Insurance etc.

  • Advice on Breach notifications etc.

Urgency and Priority

We do not specify response rates. All issues are responded to according to urgency and availability of technicians. Issues raised by email are considered to be not urgent but are still responded to as soon as possible.

But, this is a not a 365/24/7 “mission-critical” service and does not guarantee any level of uptime. Some complex problems may require multiple attempts at resolution, and some may require systems to be removed to our lab for 24-72 hours. Not everything can be dealt with quickly, or on-site.

The service operates from 9am to 5pm, excluding weekends and public holidays. However, we realise that our clients work early, and late, on weekends and public holidays. So feel free to contact us when you need to. But please use your judgement when calling out of hours — if it's important we'll deal with it, if not, we may make an additional charge. Send emails and texts whenever you wish.


Providing a service of this type requires an intimate knowledge of your systems, including passwords etc. Naturally, we keep all information in confidence. The sensitive information on our systems is stored encrypted, any copies of your data we need to copy onto our hard disks will be securely erased, and we never discuss or disclose your affairs to anybody else withour your permission (unless lawfully required).

Hardware & Software Sales

Although we provide hardware, including desktops, notebooks, servers, networking and software, and we do so professionally, this is not our primary business and we have no issue at all with you sourcing your hardware from wherever you wish. However, we prefer it if you can consult with us beforehand about the proposed purchase as we may have an opinion about brands and specifications.

But, if you ask us to quote on a product, we do not want to see any competing quotes you obtain. We cannot advise you on a proposal from someone else if we are also bidding.

There are, however, circumstances where we actively prefer to be the product supplier, because some products have specific functionality that is important.

Hardware Repairs/Upgrades

We do not perform hardware repairs, such as system board, CPU or power supply replacements, ourselves. Instead we use a professional service company with whom we have a long relationship. We deal with them, and pass on their charges to you at 0% markup. Note that most repairs have a quote fee which we will also pass on.

Likewise with preventative maintenance services. Typically with printers this involves stripping and cleaning. We can arrange this service where required (at 0% markup). With PCs usually the best that can be done is an internal clean. If we have a machine back in our lab we will clean it internally, but won't do this as a regular service.

If you have a device that requires attention under a warranty, we can assist you if you wish but often it is simplest for you to log the job yourself.

We can assist with certain minor hardware upgrades, such as RAM upgrades, but generally only for name-brand models. This is because identifying compatible components can be difficult for unbranded systems.

Client Contacts

We are happy to deal direct with each member of your staff, but some clients prefer their interaction to go through a single person, or a few people. This is an internal matter for you, just let us know how you'd like to operate.

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