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Cadzow 2000 — Using Discounts

Creating Discount Levels

  • Under Accounts Receivable, choose Option 4 — Sales Discounts. (NB only users granted the permission “ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE — Setup Discounts/Jobs” can access this option.)

  • To add a new discount, use the last blank line in the datasheet, and enter a description of the discount (eg. Staff Discount or 20%), the discount rate as a percentage (eg 20) and any comment.

  • If modifying an existing discount, the discount rate change will not update any existing transactions that used that discount rate. So while it generally does not cause a problem to change a discount rate, it's less confusing to create a new discount and update the system where required instead of changing an existing discount.

  • Discounts can have a negative percentage, which creates a loading on the sell price, rather than a discount.

  • For each department that requires the use of Discounts, enable Allow Discounts under Set Defaults of the Department's setup screen.

Using Discount Levels

  • When creating an invoice, for each line item choose the required Discount level from the drop-down list in the Disc column.

  • To remove a discount from a line item, blank out the Discount column (with the backspace key for example).

Customer Default Discounts

Each organisation can have a default discount rate setup.

  • Under Accounts Receivable, choose Option 1 — Organisations. Then choose Setup/Edit Organisations.

  • Open the organisation required using F3.

  • Choose Option 7 Other Info from the taskbar on the right-hand side.

  • Assign the desired Discount level next to Default Discount.

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