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Using Barcodes in Cadzow 2000

Barcodes for stock items may be entered against the Alternative Reference Code under Main Details of each stock item.

To enter the code, position the cursor at that field and use the barcode reader to scan the code.

When invoicing (or purchasing, ordering etc), the Code column will accept either the internal stock code for the item or the barcode. So with the cursor positioned in the code column, using the barcode reader to scan a code will populate that field and retrieve the stock item. Otherwise the invoicing screen behaves the same way as for manual code entry.

However, Invoicing has a special function which enables Point of Sale (POS) Mode. Under this mode, each line item defaults to a quantity of 1, uses the default selling price and the cursor returns to the next line automatically. Thus stock items can be scanned one after the other with no keyboard intervention.

To enable this option, Show the POS Button needs to be enabled under Miscellaneous Settings. Thereafter, the Invoicing screens initially behave the same way until the operator enables POS Mode by clicking Start POS Invoice or pressing F10.

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