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Pete and Dud in the 21st Century

Frequently Asked Questions
Cadzow 2000 Startup Slow
Cadzow 2000: Making Small Adjustments in Purchases
Clearing Cadzow 2000 Backups from Removable Media
Discussion: Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)
Emailing Cadzow 2000 data to Cadzow Support
Exporting Enquiry Results to Excel
How to Notify Customers of Your New Bank Account
System Log
Using Barcodes in Cadzow 2000
Using F3 to Search
Installation & Setup
Cadzow 2000 Data & Application Setup
Installing Access 97 Runtime
Microsoft Access 97 Runtime Issues & FAQ
Cadzow 2000: Printing To A3 & Other Sizes
Product Information
Cadzow Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable
Cadzow Call Stats Manager
Cadzow Contact Manager
Cadzow Job Manager
Cadzow Stock Control
Cadzow Survey Manager
Cadzow Time Manager
Cadzow Training Manager
“Some data may not be displayed” when printing labels
Creating Departments
Cadzow 2000 Disk Space Warning Messages
Cadzow 2000 Launches and Immediately Closes
Cadzow 2000 Printing Issues
Cadzow 2000: “Invalid Database Object Reference”

Altering a booking
Booking Flowchart
Cancelling a booking
Copying a booking
Printing a booking schedule
Setting up default commissions
Frequently Asked Questions
Cadzow Booking Manager: Budget Reporting
How to create repeated bookings quickly
How to find statistics on users and their bookings?
Transfer future bookings to another stock item

Frequently Asked Questions
How can I track events?
How do I track Search Requests? (previously called 'Nominations')
Targeting people with emails, then faxes, then addresses
How to set all people inactive whose details have not been updated
Print a person's summary
Print Information Summaries

Frequently Asked Questions
Reports Question: How many bookings? (single bookings as well as multiple bookings)

Forum messages
How to edit articles
How to edit events
How to edit the header, footer and sidebar
Setting up forums
Setting up organisations/people
Setting up users

Cadzow Software: the Artwork
Cadzow Debtors Ledger Package
Cadzow Debtors Ledger Package: Cannot Reprint Invoices Dated after 2004
Cadzow General Ledger Package
Entering Transfers Between Bank Accounts

Using CAPURS to Close Programs
Acrobat 8.x Freezes When Opening Dialog Box
Adobe Acrobat -- Using Separate Windows
Adobe Acrobat Doesn't Open
Adobe Acrobat: Cannot Use Presets When Scanning
Adobe InDesign: Unable to Print to PDF
Adobe PDF Printer Creates Unreadable Characters
Cannot Deactivate Adobe Product
Error Launching Adobe CS5 Applications
How to Obtain Adobe Creative Cloud App
'Error Loading BRIDGE.DLL' when starting Windows
2016: “Social Engineering” Malware Attacks Are Gaining Sophistication
Cannot Remove Orphaned McAfee Services
Documents, Programs Missing After “Fake Antivirus” Infection
Installing McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection (Standalone Installer)
Internet Explorer: Clearing Some Post-Malware Browser Hijacks
McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection
Mobile Phone Scams
Norton Security Scan Alert on MSACCESS.EXE
Obtaining Malwarebytes
Phishing & Email Virus Scams: 2012 Update
Protecting Yourself After Virus Infection, Phish Attack or Theft
Spurious Spyware Warnings While Surfing Web
Using Sysinternals' Autoruns Tool to Troubleshoot Startup Problems, Viruses & Spyware
Viruses Sent With My Address?
Web Browser Opens
Website Generates Referrals To Malware Via .HTACCESS
Word & Excel "Macro" Viruses
Adding Hotmail/Outlook/ Mailbox to Mac OS X El Capitan
Apple AirTag Warning
Cannot Install iTunes on Windows XP/Vista
iOS 14 -- Unexpected Network Issues
iPhone/iPad -- Saving Photos to Dropbox
iTunes Store Blank
MacOS -- FileVault
MacOS X -- Microsoft Remote Desktop
Nothing Prints Under OS X
OS X Scanning
Checking Dropbox Sync Status
Dropbox -- Large Sync Operation after Windows 10 Feature Update
Dropbox -- Opening Account Without Password/2FA
Dropbox: Moving Files to “Cloud-Only” Storage
How Safe Is DropBox?
How To Obtain Dropbox Desktop Client
Importing Existing Dropbox Folder
Using RoboCopy with Dropbox “Online Only” Files
Create Allow-List in Gmail
Thunderbird Unsuccessfully Prompts for Office 365 Password
2021 Microsoft Exchange Vulnerabilities
Error Applying Exchange Server 2007 Service Packs or Rollups
Exchange -- Managing Resource Mailboxes
Exchange 2003: Forwarding Unresolved Addresses to Upstream Host
Exchange 2003: Restoring Mailbox Backup into Recovery Storage
Exchange Server Allow Lists
Microsoft Exchange: Cannot Access Mailbox Granted Via Group Membership
Problem After Installing Exchange Server 2007 Hotfix KB2756497
SBS 2008/2011 -- Configuring AutoDiscover
Scripting: Exchange 2007 -- Exporting Mailboxes to Personal Folders Files
Scripting: Exchange 2010 -- Exporting Mailboxes to Personal Folders Files
Users Missing From Global Address List
FileMaker Go -- Distinguish Between Icons
FileMaker Server: Error 10007 / Error 1003
PDFs Don't Display Properly In Firefox 19
Standalone Adobe Flash Installer
Frequently Asked Questions
How can I do a spell check, if there's no spell checker?
What is Instant Messaging?
Google Calendar: Undoing Import
Cannot Open Files from Google Search Page
“This Application has requested the runtime to terminate in an unusual way”
Accessing Epson POS Printers
Automatic Driver Updates
Brother Multifunction Printer -- Scan To PC
Cadzow TECH's Handy-Dandy Laptop Selection Guide
Cannot Achieve Line Sync When Replacing ADSL Router
Case Study: Anatomy Of A Failed Server
Case Study: Eaton UPS Power-Cycling Every 7 Days
Case Study: Effect of Heatwave on UPS
Case Study: Mouse Stuck In Corner
Case Study: Post-BitLocker TPM Installation in HP Proliant
Case Study: STOP 0x133 Errors on Lenovo IdeaPad
Certificate Errors Using 2Wire Router
Computer Recycling
Computer with DVI displays no output
Dell PowerEdge -- Enabling TPM & Bitlocker for Windows 2008 R2
Determine ISP Password from Netcomm Routers
Disabling The Mouse Wheel
EFTPOS Terminal Codes
Ejecting/Stopping a Removable Device
Fritz!Box -- A Few Tips
Fuji Xerox Printers: DNS Errors During Scanning
Fuzzy Display / Shimmer on TFT Monitors
Hewlett Packard -- Factory Reset
Hewlett Packard BIOS Update Boot Problem
Hewlett Packard Desktop Fails to Boot After BIOS Upgrade
Hewlett Packard Desktops -- Configuring BIOS
How To Determine Required Device Drivers
How to Reboot/Restart Various Routers
HP Proliant Attempts Boot From Removable Drive
HTC Sync Does Not Recognise Outlook 2002
Keyboard Not Working
Laptop Function Keys
Monitor Flickers
Netgear ReadyNAS Misreports Space Usage
Netgear Routers -- Tips for Migration to NBN
Office Fitout Best Practices
Olympus Digital Recorder Not Recognised by DSS Player
Playback Issues on Dell Laptop with MaxxAudio Pro
Playing .DAV Video Files
Power Board Dangers
Powerware LanSafe Memory Leak
Printers, Network Not Functional After Power Failure
Problems with USB Devices
Product Review: Hewlett Packard Mini Desktop
Product Review: HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen10
Product Review: HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8
Product Review: Intel NUC (Mini PC)
Programming LLDP762-K16128 Remote LED
Resolving Power-On Problems
RouterOS -- Port Forwarding
Some Common Display Ratios
Start Menu, Taskbar Disappear After Graphics Driver Update
Surface Pro Fails To Boot, Stops on ‘Surface’ Logo
Telstra 5G Modem 2 -- A Few Tips
Telstra Smart Modem Does Not Allow Port Forwarding
Troubleshooting ADSL Connections
Uninterruptible Power Supply Degrades Network and DSL Speeds
2023 Changes to TPG Mailboxes
ADSL2 -- How Fast Should My Connection Be?
Australian ISP IP Address Ranges
Broadband in Regional Areas
Case Study: Delivery Failures to AOL
Case Study: Poor NBN Upload Speed
CIDR to Subnet Table
Clearing Web Browser Cache
Cordless Phone Interferes with Wireless Networking
Domain Name Owners Receive Strange Invoices
Email Basics: Sending and Receiving Emails
Firefox Uses Incorrect Paper Size When Printing
Getting Connected to the Internet
Google Chrome -- Manually Installing Updates
How can I use the Internet in my business?
How to Determine Your External IP Address
How to Determine Your MAC Address
Internet Addresses
Internet Explorer - Keyboard Shortcuts
Internet Explorer -- Unable to Save Webpage
Internet Explorer 7.0 Tips
Internet Explorer: Cannot Use Https Sites
Internet Explorer: Favourites
Internet Explorer: How to open several windows
Internode Nodephone -- Miscellaneous Snippets
ISP/Cloud Outage/Service Status Reference
Microsoft Internet Explorer: Changing your home page
Microsoft Internet Explorer: Printing a Web page
Mozilla Firefox -- Manually Installing Updates
Resolving SPF Records
Safe Web Browsing Habits
Search Engine URL Submission
Searching the Internet: Internet Search Engines
Securing Gmail Accounts
Spurious Domain Registration Invoices & Emails
Switching Domain Registrars
Transferring Browser Favourites to Another System
Troubleshooting 5.4.4 Email Errors
Unable to Access Remote System Via
Using Gmail with Outlook or Emailing Scans from Multifunction Devices
Web Browser Opens MSN.COM When Attempting To Use Windows Update
What is Dynamic DNS?
What is the Internet?
What will I find on the Internet?
Who owns the Internet?
Why Buy A Domain Name?
Why Domain Settings Do Not Take Effect Immediately
Wrong Website Appears After Typing Address
Internet Information Services (IIS)
IIS 7 Disallows Ampersands
Error Installing QuickBooks 2010 Service Pack
Apple iPhone & iTunes -- Cadzow’s Fount of Wisdom
Apple iPhone: Handy Tips
Backing Up iPhones & iPads
Configure iPhone/iPad for Internode Securemail
Configure iPhone/iPad for NetRegistry SMTP
Configuring iPhone/iPad with NetRegistry Mailbox
Configuring iPhone/iPad with Optus Mailbox
Griffin iTrip Stops Working
How To Make iTunes 11 Look (A Bit) Like iTunes 10
How to Reboot an iPad/iPhone
iOS -- Accessing Files From A Windows Folder
iOS 10 Tips
iOS 13 -- Saving Bandwidth for Fun and Profit
iPhone -- ‘Low Power Mode’ For Fun And Profit
iPhone Shows Different Values for Available Space
iPhone/iPad -- “Cannot Get Mail”
iPhone/iPad -- Importing Photos
iPhone/iPad -- Importing Photos (Windows 10)
iPhone/iPad Unable To Install MTP USB Device, Cannot Browse Camera Roll
iPhone/iPad Unsuccessfully Prompts for Office 365 Password
iPhone/iPad: Adding PDFs to iBooks
iPhone/iPad: Folders Imported from IMAP Account Not Visible
iPhone/iPad: Limiting Mobile Data Usage
iPhone: Personal Hotspot Feature Missing
Is My iPhone/iPad Backed Up?
iTunes Does Not Back Up iPhone/iPads
iTunes Does Not Recognise iPod/iPhone/iPad
iTunes Doesn't Download Track Names Correctly
iTunes Doesn't Open
iTunes Doesn't Sync Outlook Contacts to iPhone
iTunes Downloads Keep Stalling, “Network Connection Reset”
iTunes Gift Cards -- Discounts & Special Offers
iTunes MSVCR80.DLL Error
iTunes Playlists for Fun & Profit
iTunes Prompts to ‘Set Up’ or ‘Restore’ an iPad/iPhone
Manually Updating Carrier Settings in iTunes
Migrating iTunes Library Between Systems
Securing iPhone/iPads For Fun & Profit
Sharing iCloud Calendar
Upgrading iPhone/iPad to iOS 11
Upgrading iPhone/iPad to iOS 4.0
Upgrading iPhone/iPad to iOS 7.0
Microsoft 365
Configuring Microsoft 365 & Personal Folders File with iTunes
Configuring Microsoft 365 with iPhone/iPad
Configuring Outlook Anywhere/Microsoft 365 with BlackBerry
Configuring Outlook Anywhere/Microsoft 365 with Mac OS X
Microsoft 365 -- Accessing Other Plans During Signup
Microsoft 365 -- Plan Downgrade
Microsoft 365 -- Sending from Shared Mailboxes
Microsoft 365 -- Telephone Numbers Missing
Microsoft 365 -- View/Edit Calendar without Outlook
Microsoft 365 Deprecated Connectivity
Microsoft 365 Domains Cannot Create Microsoft Accounts
Microsoft 365 Resources
Microsoft 365: Determine Server Address
Microsoft 365: Duplicate Items In Sent Folder
Microsoft 365: Suppress Read Receipts
Office 365 is now Microsoft 365
SBS 2008/2011: Migrating Email to Microsoft 365
microsoft Access
Microsoft Access Database Reports Runtime Errors
Microsoft Excel
“Microsoft Excel Cannot Open or Save Any More Documents”
Microsoft Excel: Error When Loading Add-In
Microsoft Office
“We’re sorry, but we could not start your Office installation”
Activating/Downloading Microsoft Office
Cannot Apply Office 97 Service Packs in Windows Vista/7/8/10
Microsoft Office Version Numbers
Microsoft Office: Document and Macro Security
Microsoft Office: Error 0x80070005
Office 2010: Error 1920
PowerPoint: Error Printing Slide Notes
Word/Excel Documents Slow To Open
Word/Excel Reports There Is No Printer Installed
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word 2000 Freezes on Windows Vista/7
Recovering Corrupted Word Documents
Word Opens Documents Read-Only
e-BRIDGE Re-Rite Stops Working
Freeing Disk Space
Pronouncing Technology Company Names for Fun and Profit
Cannot Download/Browse Web with Nero Installed
Erasing a Rewriteable CD/DVD with Nero
Nero Reports Problem with Joliet Filenames
Office 365
Accessing Office 365
Cannot Access Hotmail/Outlook/ Mailbox
Configuring Outlook Anywhere with iPhone/iPad
Delivery Failure to Outlook/Live/Hotmail Accounts
Delivery Failures to
Microsoft 365 -- Additional Sign-In Prompts
Microsoft 365 -- Allowing Automatic Email Forwards
Microsoft 365 -- Connecting via PowerShell
Microsoft 365 -- Handy Admin Links
Microsoft 365 -- Simplifying Multi-Factor Authentication
Office 365 -- Problems Signing Into Office, Outlook, Teams
Office 365 Exchange Online -- Incoming Messages Sent To Junk
OneDrive -- Dealing With Filename Issues
Switching Domain Name Servers To Office 365
Windows Live Mail 0x800CCC0F
OS X Mail Stops Syncing Messages
OS X: Cannot Change Email Account Details
Blog: The Juniper Backdoor Is A Bigger Problem Than You're Being Told
Blog: Webmasters FREAKed Out
CabGENIE Issues
Cannot Login to ATO Online Services
Google Search Behaving Strangely
Obtaining VLC Media Player
Outlook/Outlook Express
Configuring Email in Microsoft Outlook
Configuring Exchange / Small Business Server for Outlook Anywhere Access with iPhone
Configuring Faxing in Microsoft Outlook
Configuring Outlook To Block Additional File Types
Configuring Outlook to Include BCC When Printing
Configuring Outlook to Save Sent Messages In Correct Mailbox
Contact Added to Outlook Does Not Sync to iCloud
Correcting Outlook Errors Using The Inbox Repair Tool
Deleting Entries from Outlook's Nickname Cache
Error 550 When Sending Email
Importing Messages into OS X Mail from Microsoft Outlook
Manually Updating Global Address List
Microsoft Outlook -- Adding Other Mailboxes
Microsoft Outlook -- Errors When Sending Email
Microsoft Outlook Calendar: Objects Not Loaded
Microsoft Outlook Search Returns No Results
Microsoft Outlook: Adjust Junk Filtering
Microsoft Outlook: Cannot Open .MSG Files
Microsoft Outlook: Email Stuck in Outbox
Microsoft Outlook: McAfee “Exchange Scan” Error
Microsoft Outlook: Searching Inside PDF Attachments
Outlook -- Description of Deletion Methods
Outlook -- Recipients Receive Winmail.dat Attachments
Outlook -- Using Views to Manipulate Particular Message Types
Outlook -- Viewing Email Headers
Outlook 2003: Cannot Print HTML Emails
Outlook 2007: Cosmetic Glitches While Editing Messages
Outlook 2016 Icons
Outlook Allows All Attachments Despite Level1Add Settings
Outlook Continually Prompts for Credentials
Outlook Express: Adding a Mail Store Password
Outlook for iOS -- Opening Shared Mailboxes
Outlook Message ActiveX Object Error
Outlook Stuck On “Loading Profile”
Outlook: Cannot Insert Multiple Signatures
Outlook: Cannot Open Or Preview Attachments
Outlook: Creating Boilerplate Text
Outlook: Deleted Items Reappear
Outlook: Expired Security Certificate
Outlook: Messages Imported from IMAP Account Not Visible
Outlook: Open Room Calendar
Outlook: Timeout Errors Sending Email
Outlook: Unable to Configure Outgoing Email Server with Secure Connection
Problem Opening Microsoft Outlook
Using Gmail from Outlook
Windows 8 Prompts for Account Details When Clicking Hyperlink
Windows Live Mail
Best Practices for Retiring Printers
Cadzow TECH's Handy-Dandy Printer CMYK Test Page
DesignJet Error 61:05
Excel Worksheets Are Cut Off On Kyocera Printers
Kyocera -- Scan to Email
Laser Printers: Frequently Asked Questions
Lost Printer Jobs When Using New Printer Drivers
Various Kyocera Issues
Wiping Kyocera Printers For Fun & Profit
Project Management
Hints and Tips on developing a 'Specification Document'
Using Canon ScanGear Starter
Scripting: Calculate File Hashes
Scripting: Determine Workstation's IP Address
Scripting: Fetch File Signer
Scripting: Fetching Passwords from
Scripting: Why Scripts Fail In August
Blocking TLDs for Fun & Profit
CA eTrust Denial of Service Fault
Choosing A Password
Computing: Security Primer
Determining Your BGP RPKI Status For Fun & Profit
Disk Drive Erasing Service
Erasing Hard Disk Drives
June 2020 Cyber Attack Against Australian Assets
KRACK: Yet Another Article
Obtaining Google Authenticator
Phishing Examples
Reporting Phishing Scams
Securing Tumblr Accounts
Securing Twitter Accounts
So You've Been Pwned
So, Your Supplier Has Changed Their Bank Details
Using The Cadzow Password Tool
VirusTotal: Tip for Developers
What is a Firewall?
What The…? Hacker Knows My Password?!
Yet Another Log4Shell Page
Transferring Skype Settings / Missing Contacts
Small Business Server
Cannot Use Remote Desktop via Small Business Server (SBS) Remote Workplace
SBS 2008 Backup Issues
SBS 2008 Post-Setup Manual Steps
SBS 2008 Slow
SBS 2008 Sticks on “Applying Computer Settings”
SBS 2008/2011: Disabling Users / Wipe Lost Devices
SBS 2008/2011: Disabling WSUS
SBS 2008/2011: Recover Deleted User
SBS 2008: DCOM Error 10009
SBS 2008: Recovering Quarantined Email
SBS 2011 Migration Issues
SBS 2011 Post-Setup Manual Steps
Small Business Server 2003 Backup Fails
Sqlservr.exe Consumes Most of Memory in SBS 2008
The Future of SBS 2008
SQL Server
Error Installing SQL Server 2008 Express
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Express Edition
Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express Edition
Scripting: Backing Up SQL Server Express Databases
SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 4
SQL Server 2005 Express Edition
SQL Server Login Failures Due to Exhausted Ports
SQL Server: General Connectivity Troubleshooting Checklist
TeamViewer Connectivity Issues
Terminal Services
Closing a Disconnected Terminal Services session
Connecting to a Terminal Services server (using the standalone Remote Desktop client)
Copying files from a Terminal Services session
How Safe Is Remote Desktop / Terminal Services?
Issues Connecting to a Terminal Services (Remote Desktop) Server
Logging off from a Terminal Services session
MacOS -- Obtaining Remote Desktop Client
Remote Desktop Print Jobs Vanish
Remote Desktop/Terminal Services Resources
Remote Desktop/Terminal Services Unavailable After Reboot
Security: Microsoft Remote Desktop Web Connection Cached by Search Engines
Terminal Services Loses Printer After Disconnect
Using A Trusted Certificate on Windows Remote Desktop / Terminal Services
Using Non-Standard Ports in Terminal Services/Remote Desktop
What Is Terminal Services?
Toshiba Notebooks -- Disable Fast Boot
Toshiba Notebooks -- Using Factory Reset or Recovery Media
Toshiba Notebooks -- Wireless Connectivity Loss
Upgrading to Windows 7
Upgrading Toshiba Notebooks to Microsoft Windows Vista
Using Toshiba Disc Creator
Corruption with USB Drives
Fixing Errors on Removable Media
Ubiquiti Network Application -- Exclusions for Ad Blocking
Ubiquiti Network Application -- Odd DNS Behaviour
Unable to Connect to Unifi CloudKey
Installing TightVNC
Installing UltraVNC
UltraVNC Viewer
Web Stuff
Backing Up WordPress Site via cPanel
Browsers: Accessing Stored Passwords
Browsers: Protecting Stored Passwords
Managing IIS/Apache On The Same Server
Using WordPress on cPanel: A Few Tips
Access Denied Copying Files
Access Denied Creating Encrypted Files
Access Denied When Opening Shadow Copy Files
Adding Files to a Compressed Archive
Advanced User Properties in Home Editions of Windows
Application Disappears When Not Maximised
Application Prompts to Elevate Security Access
Audio Device Graph Isolation Consumes CPU, RAM, Disk Activity
BitLocker: Cannot Enable on Cloned Disk
Cancelling Print Jobs Manually
Cannot Access Some HTTPS Sites with Internet Explorer
Cannot Click Hyperlinks After Uninstalling Chrome
Cannot Connect to Windows 2008/R2 Remote Desktop Services from Windows 2000
Cannot Map LPT1 on Windows XP/Vista
Cannot Open Advanced User Settings in Windows XP
Cannot Print Graphics From A ZIP File
Cannot Upgrade Vista with FrontPage Server Extensions
Changing Network Profiles (Windows 10)
Changing Network Profiles (Windows 7)
Changing Network Profiles (Windows 8/8.1)
Changing Network Profiles (Windows Vista)
Changing Windows Logon Password
Checking Disks Without A Drive Letter
Choosing a TCP Port for a Network Service
Closing a Frozen or Badly-Behaved Application
Configuring a Program to Run at Startup
Configuring Windows 10 Lock Screen
Configuring Windows XP for Remote Desktop
Copying Windows 2000/XP To A New Drive
Daylight Savings Changes in 2006
Default Security Settings in Windows XP Prevent Remote Administration
Defragmenter Doesn't Work In Windows Vista/7
Defragmenting Drives
Deleting Undeletable Files
Determine Bad Sectors On A Volume
Disabling Drag-And-Drop For Fun & Profit
Disabling EFS For Fun & Profit
Disabling Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration (IE ESC)
Disabling User Account Control (UAC)
Elevated Command Prompt
Encryption Hardening on Windows-Based Servers
Error 0x80070057 Extracting ZIP File
Error 0x80070490 Applying Windows 7 Service Pack 1
Error Burning CD/DVD
Error Mounting Bitlocker-Encrypted Disk Drive
Error Starting Windows Process Activation Service/IIS
Extraneous Apostrophes and Diacriticals
Finding Files Preventing Volumes from Being Shrunk
Firewall Service Missing, Error 0x6D9
Flash Video Doesn't Display, Internet Explorer Does Not Run ActiveX Content
Garbled Fonts and Missing Characters on Long Print Jobs
How To Determine System Startups from Event Log
Incorrect Function in Win32Bridge.Server.exe
Installing TFTP Server in Windows 2000
Internet Explorer -- Disabling SSL2, SSL3 [CVE-2014-3566]
Internet Explorer 9 Crashes On Startup
Internet Explorer 9 Does Not Render Certain Websites
Internet Explorer Does Not Clear All Cookies
Internet Explorer Loads ActiveX Controls That Have Been Disabled
Internet Explorer: Disabling Secure/Non-Secure Prompt
Large Buildup of DLLs in TEMP Folder
Locking Windows
Low Memory Problems
Microsoft Ends Windows XP Support
Microsoft Security Essentials Errors
Netlogon Logging
No Network Connectivity on Ethernet Port
Obtaining Remote Server Administration Tools
Obtaining Windows & Office ISO Images & Other Media
Open Windows Explorer In Elevated Mode
Preventing SMB Password Leakage to the Internet
Preventing Windows 7 Taskbar Preview
Privilege Escalation in Windows Vista
Problem Installing Hardware in Windows XP
Problems Changing the Default Printer
Repairing Errors on System Volumes
Resetting Password Policies When Leaving A Domain
Resolving STOP 0xCF Errors
Robocopy -- Problems with Junction Points
Rotating the Display
RPC Fails To Start After Volume Corruption
SBS 2008 -- Email & Internet Not Working After Power Failure
SBS 2008: Companyweb Does Not Load
Scripting: Batch Script May Execute “Random” Sections
Scripting: Batch Script May Misbehave Randomly
Scripting: Change Colour Printer to Print Black Only by Default
Scripting: Determine Installation Date
Scripting: Determine TPM Vendor
Scripting: Disabling ‘Advanced Printer Features’ via Command-Line
Scripting: Fetch Registry Values for Fun and Profit
Scripting: Random Number
Scripting: Safe Command Line Conventions for Fun and Profit
Service Fails to Start at Boot, But Starts Manually
STOP in NETIO.SYS When Using Explorer
Suspending BitLocker For Fun & Profit (and to do remote reboots)
System Error 86
Taking a Screen Capture/Screenshot
Taking a Screen Capture/Screenshot
Trick Windows Into Assuming It Is On AC Power
Unpredictable Results with Windows' MOVE Command
Upgrading Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro
Using External Time Source in Windows
Using Windows Automatic Updates
Using Windows Bitlocker
Various Windows Services Fail After Reboot
Very Slow Network Copy Performance in Windows
Window Vista: Determining STOP Errors From Event Viewer
Windows 10
Windows 10 -- Tweaking Privacy Settings for Fun & Profit
Windows 10 -- Updating Store Apps
Windows 10 Upgrade Does Not Proceed Due To Infineon Software
Windows 10 Upgrade on New Windows 7 Systems
Windows 10 Upgrade: Something Happened
Windows 10/11 Network Icons
Windows 10/11: Reset Wireless Connection
Windows 10: Enabling Speech Recognition
Windows 10: Obtaining November 2015 (1511) Update
Windows 10: Set Up With Offline/Local Account
Windows 10: Using Metered Connections
Windows 11 -- Connecting To A Wifi Network
Windows 11 Retains Adobe Flash
Windows 11: Set Up With Offline/Local Account
Windows 2003 Service Packs
Windows 2008 DNS Fails To Resolve Some Domain Names
Windows 2012 Post-Setup Steps for Remote Desktop Services
Windows 7/8: Disabling Windows 10 Upgrade
Windows 8.1 -- Error 0x80240031 Upgrading from Windows 8
Windows 8/10 -- Error 0x80072efd Accessing Store
Windows 8/10 -- Installing Telnet
Windows 8/10: Recovering Disk Space After Upgrade
Windows 8: Adding Features (Anytime Upgrade)
Windows 8: Credentials Requested When Elevating
Windows 8: Reset Wireless Connection
Windows 8: Survival Guide
Windows 8: Upgrading to Windows 8.1
Windows 8: Using File History
Windows 8: Using The Metro Sidebar & Start Menu
Windows Activation: Error 0xC004E003
Windows Explorer Freezes or Desktop Goes Black After Logging In
Windows Explorer Opens New Window
Windows Explorer Sorts Files In Unusual Way
Windows Locks Workstation After Inactivity
Windows Makes Static Noise/Clicks While Using MS-DOS Application
Windows Reboots on Startup, Failing On ACPITABL.DAT
Windows Reverts Change to ShellFeedsTaskbarViewMode
Windows Server: Creating L2TP VPN Connections
Windows Service Packs
Windows Shell Issues
Windows Slow To Startup, No Network Connectivity Prior to Login
Windows Startup Error: 0xc000014c
Windows Startup Problems with Wireless Mouse
Windows Uses Non-Standard DNS Settings
Windows Vista/2008 “Local Only” Issue
Windows Vista/2008: General All-Purpose Miracle Cure For Many Bizarre Problems
Windows XP Service Pack 3
Windows: Cannot Map Drive to IP Address
Windows: Cleaning Orphaned Antivirus Product Entries
Windows: Date-Related Application Problems
Windows: Desktop Icons Missing
Windows: Logging in with VPN Connection
Windows: No Wireless Networking
Windows: Registry Keys for Installed Applications
Windows: Space Remains Allocated After Turning Off Shadow Copies
Workstations Lose Connectivity After Server Network Adaptor Driver Update
Writing (Burn) Files to CD using Windows
WSUS Updates Slow To Install
Interesting Citrix XenServer Articles
Zoom: Security & Privacy Tips

“The Fish-Slapping Dance” is Genius
A Memoir of John E. Kindler
Rumpole and “The Penge Bungalow Murders”
Some Great Independent Online Music Stores
Some Things About Colin McKenzie Dyster
The Printer Manual Theory
Bill McGovern
Farmer's Union Iced Coffee: A Thesis
Geoff's Mince Pie Reckoner
Let's Cook! with Geoff

Phone Redirection Codes
Useful .NET Framework Links & Resources
Adobe Acrobat Opens Cashflow Manager Files
How to Obtain Adobe Acrobat Reader
Troubleshooting/Resolving Acrobat Printing Problems
ACT! Crashes On Startup
Error Opening ATO Electronic Commerce Interface
Backing Up Your Data
Using Nero Express to Backup to CD/DVD
Firefox Prevents Redirections
Cannot Download from Secure Site
iTunes Displays Albums Incorrectly
How to Obtain Sun Java
Microsoft Excel
Excel Spreadsheet Cell Calculation
Microsoft Office
Converting Access Databases to SQL Server
Microsoft Office 2007 New File Formats
Obtaining & Installing Access 2010 Runtime
Microsoft Word
Unexpectedly Large Word Document, Performance Problems
Nvinitx.dll Causes Windows To Run Slowly
Outlook/Outlook Express
Cannot Install Outlook Express Update
Clearing the Outlook Nickname / Autocomplete Cache
Error Inserting HTML Signature in Outlook
Microsoft Outlook -- Using Multiple Profiles
Microsoft Outlook Express: Emailing an attachment from floppy disk
Microsoft Outlook: Creating an email signature
Outlook Express & Blocked Attachments
Outlook Express Drops Connection When Downloading Email
Outlook/Exchange Calendar Sharing
Recovering Disk Space in Outlook Express
Sending Email Using BCC (Blind Carbon Copy)
Symantec pcAnywhere 10.x Trial Edition Installation Notes
Symantec pcAnywhere 9.x Trial Edition Installation Notes
Sending Faxes from Fuji-Xerox DocuCentre Printers
Troubleshooting Tips: Printing
Timeslips Issues
Automatic Update Service Does Not Work
Cadzow 2000 compatible with Windows XP Service Pack 2
Changing Drive Letters
Clearing Stored Passwords
Disabling Windows XP Firewall
Hardware devices behave strangely after applying Windows updates
History and Genealogy of Windows
Operating System & Application Updates
Reassign File Associations in Windows
Setting IP Address at Command-line
Start Menu, Taskbar Missing; Clipboard Doesn't Work
TCP/IP not working in Windows XP/2003
Using the Windows XP Firewall with LAN ports & Ethernet ADSL modems
Using Windows Profiles
Windows 95: Fatal Exception
Windows Vista/7 Logon Error on HP Systems

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2000 01 (January)
Guarding Against Theft and Protecting Your Data
Welcome to the Year 2000
2000 02 (February)
Windows 2000
2002 07 (July)
Is your data safe? BACKUP!
2002 10 (October)
Virus Protection: BugBear Aftermath
2003 01 (January)
Quickly Loading Transactions with F7
Something to make you smile...
SQL (“Sequel”) Slammer
2003 02 (February)
Business Tip: Australian Business Numbers
Cadzow Software: Pricing Labels
Computing: Eye Strain? Headaches?
Let's Cook! with Geoff
2003 03 (March)
Business Tip: Bank fees and Electronic Funds Transfer
Cadzow Software: The Birdseye Report
Computing: Dealing with Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Lovely Spam O Wonderful Spam
Computing: Non-Microsoft Security Updates !?!?
Journey in the Wayback Machine with Professor Geoff
2003 04 (April)
Cadzow Software: Screen Resizing
Computing: Free Virus and Security Resources
Computing: Remove your Desktop Wallpaper
Make your own Starship Enterprise
2003 08 (August)
Cadzow Software: Emailing, Opting In and Opting Out
Cadzow Software: Quick Tips
Computing: Windows News
2003 09 (September)
“Blaster” Worm Aftermath
Cadzow Software: Frequently Asked Questions
Out-Of-Office Replies Are Evil
2003 12 (December)
Business: Business Courses -- Useful and Free!
Business: Correcting GST Mistakes
Cadzow Software: New Stuff
Computing: Disabling Windows Messenger for Fun and Profit
2004 02 (February)
Business: Insurance
Cadzow Software: Frequently Asked Questions
Cadzow Software: New Stuff!
Computing: Important Windows Patches
Phishing Trips
2004 05 (May)
More Important Windows Patches
2004 06 (June)
Cadzow Software: End Of Year Stuff
Cadzow Software: More Things
Computing: The Ware Brothers -- Ad, Spy and Mal
2004 09 (September)
Cadzow Software: Budget Reporting
Computing: Windows XP Service Pack 2 Lands
2005 08 (August)
Cadzow Software: New Stuff
ICE: In Case of Emergency
Wonderful Vistas
2006 03 (March)
Missing Email
Software Mistakes
2006 09 (September)
Notebook Batteries
2007 03 (March)
Cadzow Software: New Stuff
Windows Vista Lands
2007 06 (June)
Why You Get Spam And What You Can Do To Stop It
2007 12 (December)
Service Pack Frenzy
2008 03 (March)
Daylight Savings Changes in 2008
Spam/Phishing -- What's Happening Lately? (2007)
2009 01 (January)
Broadband: What Are You Paying?
Extreme Temperatures
2010 01 (January)
Spam/Phishing -- What's Happening Lately? (2009)
Windows 7 Lands
2011 06 (June)
iStuff, Whatnot and Such Like
2012 11 (November)
Cadzow News: November 2012
Is Your Credit Card Hackable With A Single Attempt?
LinkedIn Password Leak
Newsflash! Scams on Internet!
Spam Filtering And Why Your Email Goes Missing
2014 01 (January)
Cadzow News: January 2014
2015 06 (June)
Cadzow News: June 2015
Peer-to-Peer Risk
2016 09 (September)
Cadzow News: September 2016
Cadzow Newsletter Archive
Collected Snippets
Comedy, Great Moments In
Literature, Great Moments In
Wisdom (n.), Great Moments In

Logging On
Shortcut Keys and Keyboard Template

Setting up new people and linking them to organisations
Collected Snippets
Export Organisation's people and their contact details
Frequently Asked Questions
Automatically dialling a phone number
Cleaning Up Contact Details
How to link a person to a different organisation
Marking Old Customers/Suppliers Inactive
Merging Organisations
Merging People
Organisation Message Alerts
Report of organisations (or people), but limit to those only with descriptions
Report of people linked to more than one organisation
Sending Bulk Email
Using Custom Fields
Using Custom Fields
When deleting a person or organisation you receive a message "STOP! You cannot delete..."
Assign a profile to a group of people/organisations
Searching Organisations by Profile
Creating Letter Templates
Creating Letters
Creating Letters: Simple Letters
Creating Letters: Using Microsoft Word Mail Merge
Setting up organisations
Welcome Message: Turning it on (or off)
Linking organisation and people - the "key contact" status
Setting up Organisations - Assigning Profiles
Setting up organisations - Contact Numbers (telephone, fax, mobile etc)
Setting up organisations - Custom Fields
Setting up organisations - Description
Setting up organisations - History
Setting up Organisations - Linking People to an Organisation
Setting up Organisations - Main Details
Setting up Organisations - Other Information
Setting up organisations - Web Addresses
Setting up organisations -- Addresses
Setting up Organisations -- Email Addresses
Speeding up receipting: automatically using the organisation's bank details
Main Menu

Data Entry
How to enter a time entry
Frequently Asked Questions
How can I print a blank time entry sheet with my letterhead at the top?
Blank time entry stationery
Standard Comments
Miscellaneous Settings
Miscellaneous Settings

Frequently Asked Questions
How can I load a Job quickly?
How can I quickly enter a new job? (from any Cadzow screen)
How can I quickly see all my open jobs?
Life of a job
Miscellaneous Settings
Miscellaneous Settings

Frequently Asked Questions
Accounting for Tax Deducted from Interest/Dividends
Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable Statements
Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable Trial Balance
Allocating Receipts & Payments
Cadzow 2000 -- Using Discounts
Cadzow 2000: Correcting Receipts
Cannot open Draft transaction
Cash v. Accrual: Why certain reports do not agree with other reports
Changing Bank Accounts
Client paid one amount for two different accounts, but allocated entire amount to one account by mistake. How to fix?
Dealing with Bounced/Dishonoured Cheques
Dealing with Cash Payments
Dealing with Credit Card Payments
Dealing with Product Donations
Default Transaction Comments Retired
Deleting Draft Transactions
Determining which transactions comprise General Ledger entries
Emailing Transactions in Plain Text
End of Period and End of Year Procedures (Accounts Receivable/Payable)
Generating a List of Customers (or Suppliers) dealt with during a specified time period
Generating a List of Overdue Customers
Handling Bad Debt Write-Offs
How can I quickly view an organisation's Account Balance?
How to find transaction totals for my clients between two dates?
How to print a list of tagged transactions?
Issuing Refunds / Cancelling Credits
Micro Adjustments to Cash Sales
Owing column in Enquiries does not add up to value in Account Balances
Payment Terms: End of Next Month (and their effect on statements)
Prompt Templates
Sample Plain Text Invoice
Switching the BAS from Cash to Accruals
Using Sales Quotations
Miscellaneous Settings
Using Credit Limits, Credit Holds and Days Overdue

Data Entry
Entering Supplier Rebates
Frequently Asked Questions
Cadzow 2000 Accounts Payable: Handling Unusual GST Amounts
Handling Loans
Using Purchase Orders

Cadzow 2000: Marking Old Stock Items Inactive
Checking Stock Quantities
Importing Stock Data
Stock Transaction Message Alerts

Data Entry
Transfer Adjustment Wizard
Reversing Transfer Adjustments
Transfer Adjustment Wizard: Marking Invoices As Paid Against Purchases
Frequently Asked Questions
Handling GST
Which BAS period or General Ledger export batch is a particular transaction in?
BAS periods
How are the transactions assigned to BAS periods?
Business Activity Statements
How can I list all transactions in a particular BAS period?
General Ledger exporting
Editing General Ledger export files (.EXP) with EXP_EDIT.EXE
General Ledger Export Engine -- Primer & Technical Details
General Ledger Export Troubleshooting
Standard Chart of Accounts (Part 1) - Primary Production
Standard Chart of Accounts (Part 2a) - Manufacturing & Trading Statements
Standard Chart of Accounts (Part 2b) - More Trading Statements & Rental Statement
Standard Chart of Accounts (Part 3) - Profit & Loss Statement
Standard Chart of Accounts (Part 4) - Partnership Accounts
Standard Chart of Accounts (Part 5) - Balance Sheet
Standard Chart of Accounts (Part 6) - Sole Trader Accounts
Standard Chart of Accounts (Part 7) - Trust Accounts
Standard Chart of Accounts - Notes
BAS periods
Set Up BAS Periods
Tax Codes
Setting Up Tax Codes

How to edit articles
Editing Articles
Content Manager Shortcut Keys and HTML Tags
Frequently Asked Questions
Authorised users - statistics
Caching and Search Engine Settings
Who is using the website?

Backing Up Your Data
Backing Up Cadzow 2000 to DropBox / OneDrive
Backing Up in small chunks
Cadzow Backup - The Log.Log file
How to Backup Cadzow 2000
Changing your Windows Configuration
Changing Screen Resolution
Changing to Australian Dates
Installation & Setup
Cadzow 2000 System Requirements
Cadzow 2000 System Requirements
Cadzow 2000 Workstation Setup
Installing Cadzow 2000 Updates from CD
Cadzow 2000's Filter Toolbar
Microsoft Windows Calculator
Special Characters and HTML Codes (Part 1)
Special Characters and HTML Codes (Part 2)
Special Characters and HTML Codes (Part 3)
Special Characters and HTML Codes (Part 4)
Special Characters and HTML Codes (Part 5)
Special Characters and HTML Codes (Part 6)
Cancelling Print Jobs
Changing the Default Printer
Changing the Default Printer Using DefPtr
Emailing Reports
Exporting a Cadzow 2000 Report to a File
Printing only a range of pages (eg. Page 12 to 18)
Printing to a different printer (without changing the default printer)
Sharing Your Printer
Changing your password
Quick loading using symbol >>
Cadzow 2000 displays "The clock in your computer may be wrong" Message
Cadzow 2000 Email Support
Cadzow 2000 File System Support
Cadzow 2000 General Troubleshooting
Cadzow 2000 Startup Error -- Low Environment Space
Cadzow 2000 Startup Errors -- ActiveX Can't Create Object
Cadzow 2000 Startup Errors -- Error Writing to Data File
Cadzow 2000 Startup Errors -- Out Of Memory
Cadzow 2000 Startup Errors -- Security Warning
Cadzow 2000 Startup Errors -- Unable to Intialize Registry
Cannot print when launching Cadzow 2000 using "runas" command
Data Does Not Appear in Drop-Down Lists
General Troubleshooting Techniques
Issues with Microsoft Snapshot Viewer & Snapshot Files
Microsoft Snapshot Viewer
Novell Netware Issues
Your application freezes when printing to a printer that is set to “Use Printer Offline”
Terminal Services
Cadzow 2000 reports "The files required to run Cadzow 2000 were not found" when running in Terminal Services session
Version History
The Version History: Discover new features in Cadzow 2000

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